Welcome to Orstadius

For the last 20 years we have worked with Private Equity funds and other owners to assess and develop individuals and management teams at their portfolio companies. We provide in-depth psychological assessment and development match the specific requirements of the business at each stage.

In Private Equity the focus is to develop organisations through strategic, operational and financial refinement improvement. Research shows that the people who tasked with the execution of these plans are crucial to the actual outcome. By undertaking a professional, psychological assessment of the management team it is possible to develop an understanding as to weather the individual has the personality resources required for the task at hand. And if so, what is their full potential? And if you do not have the right capacity, what is missing? In addition to assessing this, it might also be possible to develop the management team and that way realize hidden potential, both at an individual and at a group level.

By helping our clients to match the composition of the management team with the current developmental stage of the business we leverage invested time and capital to give them an advantage. Orstadius provides hands-on support during the transformation process as the company transitions from one developmental stage to the next.

– “ Orstadius provided DD on the capacity of the entrepreneur at Footway. That DD supported Industrifonden´s assessment and our decision to invest.”