What does traumatic experience do to a person?

It will result in an effort to take command of one´s feelings. That can take different expressions. The most common is to develop an extreme decision not to trust anybody and to try and control the environment so that one never again will be let down again. Everybody who has come into contact
with entrepreneurs can recognize the need for control. The combination of rage a need to control often results in a totalitarian to a totalitarian way of relating. This person has a drive to get rid of his fate of life and at the same time force everybody else to follow. This kind of person often sees himself as superior and chosen. This applied to Hitler as well as Stalin and Napoleon. Lenin, Robespierre, Ho Chi Minh, Amin, Sukarno, Nasser, Kaunda and Kenyatta to mention a few. They lacked all insight about their personal tragedy and projected their problems on the environment with the help of political ideology. Rather than feeling depressed they dominate their environment with a frightening destructive power. To little energy is left to accomplish something constructive. This phenomenon can of course be found in all kind of relations and at all levels in society. To be loved and even liked is for this kind of person not important at all. This is hard to understand for a normal person but it is important to realize.