The test questions give ratings to issues surrounding three different moral dilemmas or stories. Meaning is projected by means of moral reasoning schemas.
The schemas are: the Personal Interest Schema, the Maintaining Norms Schema and the Postconventional Schema.

The Personal Interest Schema.

This is regarded as the least developmentally advanced level of moral reasoning. Here the respondent takes into consideration what the protagonist of the story has to gain or lose.
The Maintaining Norms Schema.

Here law and authority are important as each of these helps to uphold social order. The question here is what needs to be done in order to be compliant with the social order of society.

The Postconventional Schema.

The laws are not simply blindly accepted, but are scrutinized in order to ensure society- wide benefit.
It is easy to realize that a person with a strong drive and a capable personality who lacks moral maturity can cause great harm.

Orstadius can help you reveal moral immaturity.

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