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How Orstadius does it


  1. Personality Assessment - gives a description of personality

  2. Dialogue with the client to create a view of the strategic and economic picture of the organisation and also to see what developmental phase the business is in. A requirement specification is established.
  3. Orstadius translates this into critical traits of character; a Requirement Profile.
  4. The critical traits of character are measured by collecting data from tests and an interview. The data is interpreted from an experiential and a psychodynamic frame of reference. Four hours is spent with a single candidate, who also gets immediate feedback.
  5. The interpretations are compared with the Requirement Profile.
  6. The customer gets feedback with recommendations in a verbal and written form.

  7. Career Planning

  8. Coaching
    In a relationship based on respect, one can develop trust that leads to an increase in self confidence, motivation, option, clarity, engagement, awareness and action that increases the performance in a decisive way.


  1. Management Team Assessment
    By adding the personal assessments of each team member it is possible to get a team profile that can be related to team task.

  2. Executive Team Development Program
    Creating a good circle by getting to know the team, promoting dialogue, engendering respect, sparking collaboration and inspiring initiative.

  3. Leadership Group Development Program
    An efficient group works in an independent way and is responsible for its actions. It does not spend energy on defending its territory or look for scapegoats. An efficient group spends its energy working towards the goal. In order to get there all groups must however pass three phases. Orstadius helps in that process.

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