As an investor/owner you can be provided with an assessment of the risks and growth achievements at each critical point of the investment´s lifecycle.
As part of the due diligence process.
Key Questions – Is the management team able to deliver on the agreed business plan?
Output – Assessment of management ( as individuals and as a team ).
Recommendations for mitigating risks and achieving the desired growth.
At completion of the transaction.
Key Questions – Is this the best management to now lead the business?
Output – Assessment of management.
At mid term.
⦁ Strategic shifts needed to match those in markets and/or at the competition.
⦁ Transition from one business development stage to the next.
Key Questions – What does the management team need to change in order to address these challenges?
Output – Assessment of management against the “new world order”requirements.
At exit preparation.
Key Questions – What is the people strength of our offer?
Output – Audit of strengths, weaknesses and risks.
Recommendations for strengthening the team to maximize value at exit.