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When to use Orstadius


Personality Assessment

Does the individual have the personal characteristics required to attain the strategic and economic goals of his or her role? There is time and money to be saved by making sure that the right person is recruited from the beginning, avoiding replacements.

  1. External recruitment.
    - With a few candidates left at the end of the process Orstadius distinguishes among them by assessing personality and hence predict how they will function in their role and in the team.
  2. Internal recruitment.
  3. In connection with strategic- and organisational changes.
  4. When there is reason to suspect that a person does not function optimally.


Management Team Assessment
Does the group as a whole have personalities that correspond to the strategic and economic goals of the organisation?

  1. Indications if there is a need to recruit additional people and what profile they should have.
  2. Management assessment in due diligence of an investment.
  3. Post-acquisition review of management.
  4. Assistance in an organisation's transition to a new phase.
  5. Identify ways forward if the group does not work in an optimal way.


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